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Registered License E2116 issued by DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)


A Driving Instructor Fulfills Your Great Expectation and Satisfaction or MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.



  • D.N.V. Driving School provides TEENAGERS a 30-hour ONLINE DRIVERS’ EDUCATION  course approved by DMV including a Certificate of Completion (DL-400C) and trains 6-hour BEHIND-The-WHEEL including a Certificate of Completion (DL-400D). 
  • Driving School also offers services that help make a drive-test appointment as earlier as possible and provide student drivers a  registered and insured vehicle to take the DMV-Drive Test.
  • D.N.V. Driving School provides ADULTS  HOURLY TRAINING and affordable TRAINING PACKAGES including DMV-Drive Test as well.
  • A DMV-LICENSED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR who well prepares training student drivers to take a drive-test at any DMV.
  • Most important consideration for first-time student drivers behind-the-wheel is "HOW TO DRIVE SAFELY AND DEFENSIVELY"
  • Most important consideration for first-time student drivers behind-the-wheel is "WHERE TO SEEK A PROFESSIONALLY EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTOR". 

[ Let a driving instructor from D. N. V. fulfill your great expectation, satisfaction or MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ]

More efficiently, effectively, productively and friendly, a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR BRINGS SERVICES to your DOORSTEPS; NO driving-school visit needed. 

About Us

School Foundation:

  • Before D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School was established, It had been in driver-training business since 2014, had been required by DMV to have a record of driver-training for AT LEAST 2,000-hour lessons, had passed a DMV-required test, and then had gotten a driving school license. 

  • A driving school must have a Surety Bond & Worker’s Comp Insurance & Auto Insurance to protect its own business, employee(s) and student drivers.

Driving Instructor & Driving School Operator:

  • Has more than 32-year driving experience and excellent driving records, takes a DMV-approved Continue Driver-Education Program (Continuing Education Seminars) every 2 years, renews Driving Instructor license required by DMV periodically in every 3 years and renews Driving School Operator license in every 2 years.
  • Is courteous, trustworthy, reliable, calm, patient, kindhearted, devoted and punctual. 

Training Vehicle:

  • Has high Liability and Medical insurance coverage, well maintained training car, additionally installed (2nd) foot-brake on instructor's side.

Training Method:

  • Training student drivers about rules, road regulation and laws that meet requirements for a drive-test at any DMV: bustling cities, downtown, residency and commercial area, slow-speed narrow road and fast-speed wide road. Especially, freeway/ highway (if Drive-Test required by DMV).

  • Has been training student drivers since 2014 for more than 9,000 hour lessons.
  • Has been training student drivers technique "how to drive defensively" and a strategy "how to protect from getting accidents" in time of heavy traffic, weather change such as rain/fog/dark, through downtown, bustling cities, fast and slow-speed roads and freeway if required by DMV.
  • Successfully trained student drivers who had been recovered from stroke and injured accidents, and who had gotten DMV-required renewals to re-gain his/ her driver-license.
  • Has trained student drivers ranging age from 15-1/2 years old to 92 years old (approved by Doctor's and DMV) from cities: Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Fremont, Milpitas, North San Jose and South San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy.